Tenth Tabernacle Beth El, Miami

Tenth Tabernacle Beth El, Miami

Church of God and Saints of Christ

SE Angela Toombs
2298 NW 62nd Street, Miami, FL 33147
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History of the Tabernacle

In the early 1960s, a minister by the name of Evangelist Zebulun Vance Deans made his way to Miami. Upon his arrival, he met a group of saints that had relocated to Miami from DeLand, Florida and Fort Valley, Georgia. Shortly thereafter, Evangelist Deans convened a Bible study group in his home.

At the saints’ urging, Evangelist Deans petitions Headquarters to establish an official congregation in Miami. Subsequently, at the 1961 Passover, Chief Rabbi Howard Z. Plummer, G.F.A. officially established Tabernacle #10 of the Church of God and Saints of Christ in Miami, Florida, with Evangelist Deans as the first Overseer.

Local pastors of Tenth Tabernacle Miami, Florida

  • Evangelist Zebulun Vance Deans: 1961–1971
  • Elder Judah Nathaniel Byrd: 1972–1977
  • Elder John Henry Eaves, Sr.: 1977–1979
  • Elder Clarence F. Underwood: 1979–1995
  • Elder Amos H. Irvin: 1995–2002
  • Elder Samuel Joseph Eaves, II: 2002–2020
  • Sister Elder Angela Toombs: Present